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Merry Christmas! ChUC’s Wish List…

Merry Christmas

Hello All!  Can you believe that it’s the Friday before Christmas?  Before I run out to purchase the last few gifts that I promised myself I wouldn’t buy, I decided to share my Christmas wish list with you guys.  As a Chick Under Construction I am fully aware that my life is always evolving, and honestly that’s how I’ve designed it to be.  I mostly concentrate on 5 life areas that keep me moving in the right direction (hopefully).  The following wishes would make my life much easier so if anyone has an old genie lying around please don’t hesitate to hook a sista up!  🙂

1. Personal – A time machine thingy so I can spend more time with friends.  I checked Best Buy already.  They didn’t have one.

2. Spiritual – Jesus’s Skype number.  There are some things going on in this world that I’d like to get his personal opinion on but I’m not quite ready to touch the hem of his garment yet.

3. Psychological – One of those memory erasers from Men in Black so I can forget most of the stuff I see and half of what I hear.

4. Physical – A nationwide ban on mirrors when I’m trying to squeeze into a size 8 pair of jeans though I really need a size 12.

5. Professional – A live-in stylist so I can spend more time writing books and less time doing my hair.

I don’t think I’m asking for much  🙂  Hey, it’s fun to dream and I hope you get everything on your wish list!

Enjoy your down time but start brainstorming your journey for 2012.  Merry Christmas!




12 Rules For Moving Forward in Life




Hello everyone!!  I thought this was a really good article so I decided to pass it on to all of you who continually try to construct a better life (just like I do).  Sometimes we need a little motivation and a few reminders along the journey.  I hope it’s beneficial to you!!  Click the link to read.


12 Rules For Moving Forward in Life. from

Disasters and Wars and Uprisings, Oh My!

It has been almost a year since the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster. In the past 12 months the world has experienced and witnessed earthquakes, tsunamis and political uprisings. The need for compassion has not wavered. In times of despair, the people; caring, compassionate, loving, kind people seem to come together immediately to offer assistance, prayers and consoling words. But eventually, for most, normal life does go on long before the need is truly filled. I urge each of you to do what you can to help those in need. Whether its supporting charities of your choice, giving of your time, or providing your services and talents to greater causes, I pray that each of us are cognizant that somewhere, at all times, someone is in need of something.

Don’t forget about the Oil and Water Anthology that benefits a couple Gulf Coast charities. All proceeds from the book go towards helping the victims of the oil spill. Visit the Anthology blog @ to learn about the project and why I felt compelled to participate. Also, several authors and I will be on Anjuelle Floyd’s blog talk radio show on April 16th to talk about the book. More specific details coming soon…

Hoping that something I write will benefit someone,

Holes In My Ceiling – Relationships

Working on happiness…

Ladies, do you sometimes feel like you have invested too much time and energy into your “fixture upper”? Men, is the chick you’re with in a constant state of “work in progress”? By now you may be ready to throw in the towel, throw your hands up and walk away. Before you do let me share a story with you.

A couple years ago I was in my garage doing a little spring cleaning when I saw three grayish spots on the ceiling. The spots were about two feet in diameter and very noticeable. Unfortunately, my air conditioner was leaking and the spots in the ceiling sagged from the weight of water. So not only did my brand new house have what I thought was a busted unit but my once perfectly white ceiling had three perfectly oval water stains. Ugh!! I love owning my house but I really could do without the upkeep and the problems. Sound familiar? Sometimes relationships are that way too. Keeping them looking and running like new requires maintenance and patience. Anyway, I immediately called the HVAC guy and explained to him what was going on. He then explained to me that the water from the unit wasn’t draining properly and was probably sitting in one place, saturating areas of the ceiling. What he said next made me wonder if I should be listening to him or not. He told me to poke holes in the ceiling with a pencil. Well first of all, I didn’t have a pencil. Secondly, who wants a ceiling full of poked holes? Dang, the ceiling was jacked up enough right? Yes, my frustration was high and my patience was short. He politely told me that he understood my concern but because he couldn’t come to my house until the next day I only had two choices. I could either have a ceiling with a few holes in it or I could have half of a ceiling because the rest would be in a pile on the garage floor. In other words, lose the ceiling completely or maintain what I currently had. Let’s see, I kinda like my ceilings over my head and not under my feet so I climbed on my ladder and started poking holes. Within minutes the water started to drain through the small holes and the ceiling stayed up high where it belonged. The next day I found out that the unit was fine and didn’t need to be replaced. It only needed a minor tweak.

Fill the holes of your life with love!!

In our relationships are there some things that simply need to be tweaked? If we focus on small flaws we can potentially lose what’s really important. In this case, it was something to cover my head. In your case it may be someone who has messed up once but has otherwise been good to you. It may be someone who works your nerves with annoying habits but they will take care of you when you’re sick or support every one of your dreams. Sometimes things are broken but that doesn’t mean they are not repairable. Most times our dream girl or guy comes with a few holes in them just like we have a few holes in us. Use the power of discernment and consider the mess that you can just let drain out in order to save your “ceiling”.

Blog ya next time,

YouTube – Marsha Ambrosius – Far Away

An old friend just put me on to Marsha Ambrosius’s video for Far Away.  It touched me, in a way I wasn’t expecting.  I was prepared to see one of my favorite singers sing a wonderful song but what I got was a lesson.  I forced myself to look past the actors’ appearances, their sexuality and even my own personal opinions and beliefs.  What I saw was someone’s sibling, someone’s friend and someone’s child being ridiculed, hurt and tormented.  I am glad that my own trials and tribulations have made me more patient and understanding and less judemental though I’m sure I could do a lot better in other areas.  Hate and violence stem from insecurities, ignorance and fear.  In Arizona this past weekend several people lost their lives because of it and more are still figting for theirs everyday.   Maybe not against sociopaths or bullies with guns and hard fists but from hateful words, hurtful stares and debilitating emotional attacks.  As we approach the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday I pray that we all take heed to the basic priniciples of freedom and equality that he emphasized.  We can not pick and choose when those things apply.  Love one another, not just someone, but everyone.  Neither judgement nor vengeance belong to us.

Check out the link to the video,


YouTube – Marsha Ambrosius – Far Away.

Happy New Year!!

It’s a blessing to see a new year, a new week, a new day, a new hour, a new minute, and even a new second! I plan to make the most of every nanosecond I’m given in 2011 because I know a next breath isn’t promised to me. There are some things that I’m simply tired of working on and I want them checked off my list before I wake up on January 1, 2012. I have made some lofty goals for the upcoming months with no hesitation. Being a chick under construction is about not becoming stagnant in growth, not becoming comfortable with current circumstances and not settling for the status quo. It’s also about pushing myself out of the box I’ve been in all my life and thinking differently, reacting and acting differently, seeing things differently through untainted eyes. I hope you have made attainable goals instead of resolutions this year and a few bigger goals that will take some blood, sweat and tears to accomplish would be icing on my favorite caramel cake. Remember, the journey is just as important as the final destination but I’m soooo glad to have journeyed out of 2010 because it was rough! LOL!

Blogging you more in 2011,

Look Back At It

When I first sat down to write this article my thought process was going in a totally different direction. The original title was “Don’t Look Back” because I wanted to convey that it’s alright if a couple of things about you aren’t like they used to be 10 or 20 years ago. More than likely, the majority of us have changed but with that change has come growth. So I wanted to encourage people to not be so stuck on their past selves that they hinder their forward progress. In other words, don’t use your past as a crutch but use it as a clutch. If you must look back at the past don’t dwell on it. Please realize that life is a long journey and sometimes you’ll have to shift through lots of gears, down and up, if you don’t want to get locked into your present circumstance. Okay, so in a watered down kind of way that’s basically what I wanted to say but I thought the title was a little careless and I felt I could go deeper.

December 1st is the anniversary of Rosa Parks’ famous act of protest on a Montgomery, AL bus in 1955 and it’s also my birthday so that date has more than personal meaning to me. Since this was my birthday week and the 55th anniversary of the protest, as I was writing I was reminded that there are some things we should actually look back at. We should literally stare at past events with our mind’s eye and never forget. If we think about it 1955 was not that long ago. If we’re failing to teach, learn and understand the significance of recent history then we’re failing ourselves. I know in some instances it is much more convenient and comfortable to forget. But its disturbing that we forget that MTV once refused to play Black videos and the University of Alabama wouldn’t let us walk through their doors or play on their field or that Dub’s Burgers in Athens, AL thought it was okay to serve us through the book door; but we won’t forget that Uncle Johnny told us off at Thanksgiving, or the neighbor left his garbage can on the curb too long or that a friend owes us $20. The fact is, we are much better off than most of our parents and grandparents but we have also acclimated to what we‘ve been giving and we spend lots of time on trivial things. I know times aren’t what they used to be but sometimes we need to look back to see why to ensure that we continue to move forward.

Blog ya next time,

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