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Disasters and Wars and Uprisings, Oh My!

It has been almost a year since the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster. In the past 12 months the world has experienced and witnessed earthquakes, tsunamis and political uprisings. The need for compassion has not wavered. In times of despair, the people; caring, compassionate, loving, kind people seem to come together immediately to offer assistance, prayers and consoling words. But eventually, for most, normal life does go on long before the need is truly filled. I urge each of you to do what you can to help those in need. Whether its supporting charities of your choice, giving of your time, or providing your services and talents to greater causes, I pray that each of us are cognizant that somewhere, at all times, someone is in need of something.

Don’t forget about the Oil and Water Anthology that benefits a couple Gulf Coast charities. All proceeds from the book go towards helping the victims of the oil spill. Visit the Anthology blog @ http://oilwaterdontmix.blogspot.com to learn about the project and why I felt compelled to participate. Also, several authors and I will be on Anjuelle Floyd’s blog talk radio show on April 16th to talk about the book. More specific details coming soon…

Hoping that something I write will benefit someone,

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