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The Movement: Poetry

We must stretch out our hands to help one another...

Hello All!  I haven’t posted anything in a while, been crazy busy!  I also haven’t posted any poetry in a long time but when inspiration hits a poet will pay $100 for a pen just to write out our thoughts or we’ll explode from the burden of our emotions.  But instead of just writing I decided to use my webcam for the first time and record what I was feeling.  Please click on the link below to view the piece.  I hope it touches your heart because it definitely came from the heart.  Be blessed friends, today and forever!

The Movement – spoken word




I went there
The place where his essence still lives
It smells
Smells of nickel bags, the smoke from black and milds and basketball sneakers
It hangs from the ceilings and clings to old burgundy curtains
It blends with the mahogany of the chest of drawers
It’s present
In every stain, every scratch, every scent
It grabs hold of me
Forces me to stand still, to remember
The sound of the vacuum won’t drown out the voices
Wiping walls won’t scrub away the memories
No matter how many days go by
He’s there

Published as a part of

Poetry Potluck @ Jingle Poetry, Theme: Dreams, Visions & Reveries

Autumn Days…

The trees are still beautiful
The brown and yellow and red leaves
Fall along the same roads I’ve traveled everyday
For as long as I can remember
It still gets cool in December
The glow of embers from the fireplace
Warm the soles of my feet and my soul
I’m still thankful on Thanksgiving
And Christmas still comes on the 25th
The sun still shines through my window
It fills my heart with internal light and reminds me that I’m alive
No, not much has changed at all
Since you’ve been gone…

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