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Look Back At It

When I first sat down to write this article my thought process was going in a totally different direction. The original title was “Don’t Look Back” because I wanted to convey that it’s alright if a couple of things about you aren’t like they used to be 10 or 20 years ago. More than likely, the majority of us have changed but with that change has come growth. So I wanted to encourage people to not be so stuck on their past selves that they hinder their forward progress. In other words, don’t use your past as a crutch but use it as a clutch. If you must look back at the past don’t dwell on it. Please realize that life is a long journey and sometimes you’ll have to shift through lots of gears, down and up, if you don’t want to get locked into your present circumstance. Okay, so in a watered down kind of way that’s basically what I wanted to say but I thought the title was a little careless and I felt I could go deeper.

December 1st is the anniversary of Rosa Parks’ famous act of protest on a Montgomery, AL bus in 1955 and it’s also my birthday so that date has more than personal meaning to me. Since this was my birthday week and the 55th anniversary of the protest, as I was writing I was reminded that there are some things we should actually look back at. We should literally stare at past events with our mind’s eye and never forget. If we think about it 1955 was not that long ago. If we’re failing to teach, learn and understand the significance of recent history then we’re failing ourselves. I know in some instances it is much more convenient and comfortable to forget. But its disturbing that we forget that MTV once refused to play Black videos and the University of Alabama wouldn’t let us walk through their doors or play on their field or that Dub’s Burgers in Athens, AL thought it was okay to serve us through the book door; but we won’t forget that Uncle Johnny told us off at Thanksgiving, or the neighbor left his garbage can on the curb too long or that a friend owes us $20. The fact is, we are much better off than most of our parents and grandparents but we have also acclimated to what we‘ve been giving and we spend lots of time on trivial things. I know times aren’t what they used to be but sometimes we need to look back to see why to ensure that we continue to move forward.

Blog ya next time,

  1. Hoodboi
    December 5, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    this is good…thx for the jewel about ur b’day;-p

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