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Open Wide and Say Ahhhh…

The holiday season is here and for me that signals food, food, food and more food so I’m feeling a little conflicted right now. I have been doing well for a few months by having one small piece of cake instead of a giant chunk, green tea instead of sodas, and I’m even strength training three times a week. It’s going to be excruciatingly hard to skip my holiday vacation rituals this year and I’m not sure that I want to try. As soon as Thanksgiving rolls around, I’m a certified snuggie wearing couch potato who watches the Hallmark Channel. Normally, with the room at a perfect 74 degrees, I watch “A Christmas Story” for the 500th time, laugh uncontrollably when Ralphie says the “f” word and tear through an entire tin of Christmas cookies. What’s even more awful is while I shove star-shaped bites of butter and sugar into my mouth I think to myself, “I really should stop eating these doggone cookies”. Chomp! Crunch! Oh well! Ultimately, another cookie bites the dust and I wipe the loose granules of sugar and crumbs from my snuggie and continue the movie. I know what you’re thinking right now. I’ve said it many times before; a moment on the lips can mean a lifetime on the hips. But it’s the holidays so can I get a few no salad eating days please! Food is fun, it’s social, it’s sensual, and it’s a must. Sometimes I’m just hungry okay.

I can already taste yams smothered in butter and brown sugar and macaroni so thick and cheesy that a big scoop of it breaks the cheap plastic forks that “Uncle So and So” brings as his contribution to dinner. Last year everyone raved that the chicken in the dressing was “fall off the bone” tender. I can’t comment on that. I ate it too fast to know for sure. Every year I try to make my Grandmother’s famous cornbread and each year I fail miserably but that won’t stop me from trying again this year. So through all the messed up recipes, the onion induced tears and the pots of black greens, yes I have burned collards before, I have learned some valuable lessons. It’s alright if the pinto beans scorch, if the pecan pie turns out a little soupy and if I gain 3 lbs as long as I feel the love of family and friends in the process. It’s almost okay if I don’t get a slice of my cousin’s caramel cake and I LOVE caramel cake. So I’ve just decided, this year I plan to cast away all my problems over a slice of sweet potato pie and the Iron Bowl. And for just a minute, I’m going to let visions of leftover turkey on two slices of bread with cheese and tomato push the obsessive thoughts of 145 lbs from my mind. Well at least until New Year’s and then I will work my butt off in the gym! Haha! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. #1 Chief Rocka
    November 25, 2010 at 9:43 AM

    Snuggie!????? ChUC owns a snuggie! LOL. Whats up on getting ya boy a slice of that caramel cake? 🙂

    • November 25, 2010 at 12:46 PM

      Well, it’s snuggie-like lol! I don’t think I’m getting any caramel cake this year 😦

  2. December 4, 2010 at 8:56 PM

    Lost in lot of dishes.
    Liked a moment on lips means a lifetime on hips.
    Stopped reading in between to stop my own urge on eating.

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