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Politicians are blowing my phone up!!!

Ok, that’s it, I’m not answering another toll-free phone call until after November 2nd! It’s mid-term election time and candidates are soliciting votes and doing last minute pleas before we go to the polls on Tuesday. Really, I get the importance of it all but am I the only one who’s getting “vote for me or my friend” phone calls every other day?? Ironically, I am a BIG believer in voting (trust me I’ll have a post on that before Tuesday) and I already know who I’m voting for so they are actually wasting their calls on me. And how did they get my number anyway because I know I completed that Do Not Call registry? lol! No one ever calls to poll me about the President or the economy. They never call to ask if I watched the Superbowl or survey me for a Family Feud question but every politician and friend of a politician has my cell and work numbers on speed dial. Ugh!


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