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Ode to My Dear Cousin

It’s impossible to know what tomorrow may bring
Yesterday is the only gift we are all guaranteed
Cousin, you have led a life filled with courage
You have done your best
So as you close your eyes on this side of life
Be at peace and be at rest

We may shout out to the hills
We may scream in pain
And most of us will surely cry
But dear cousin
Keep your eyes on the prize
Take hold of Jesus’s hand
Soon we’ll see you in that Promised Land

So go on now
Join those who have left here before
Rejoice with the aunts, uncles, parents, and friends
Waiting at Heaven’s door
Fly high like the birds then take your final bow
It’s your time dear cousin to watch over us now

God requests your presence in his heavenly kingdom
You’ll be paid for your service with everlasting freedom
The sweetest of sweet rewards
Until death none of us can afford
I miss you and I love you but I know your soul is at perfect harmony
Say hey to the family for me, be happy and be free

  1. ImTheChief
    September 20, 2010 at 9:42 AM

    Deep. Great poem! Keep up the good work ChUc!!! 🙂

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