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4 Hubcaps Please!

I’m back from a long break and this is my first week of blogging since July.  Already, two things have worked my last good nerve, T.I. and Tiny getting arrested on drug charges and my neighbor’s missing hubcaps!  

First, I hope the charges are false because I refuse to believe that the newlyweds are that stupid.  Why would two grown people, one who happens to be on probation and rich enough to hire someone to counsel them a little better, ride around in a car that costs more than my house tweaking and popping pills!!  That doesn’t make good walking-around-sense to me. If you need to celebrate like that stay at home.  Reports mention methamphetamines, ecstasy, and marijuana. Ewww, have you seen how people on meth can look!  Gross, not a good look.  Music fans shouldn’t be at a loss though. T.I. will make another CD before he goes back to jail and Tiny will have more material for her reality show.  

Now, on to the hubcap fiasco.  I’m a car person, I’ve always loved them.  Yeah, the safety features, tire tread specs, and automatic parallel parking capability are great but I love the statement a car can make.  I admit that I’m a car whore, I’ve never paid one off, I just buy another one.  I’ll swear on my Granny’s grave that I‘m going to keep one until the wheels fall off but I be lying.  And speaking of wheels falling off, I believe that a man should keep his car together so that’s why my neighbor’s hubcap situation has me highly discombobulated.  I mean, I have a Gatorade bottle, a cable box (I can’t remember why), and a couple broken umbrellas in my backseat but I’m a woman and my windows are tinted so I get a pass.  No one can miss my neighbor’s car because it has enough Alabama logos on it to choke an Auburn fan and his hubcap is screaming to be washed.  Yes, I did say hubcap, as in he only has one hubcap.  Where they do that at?  I’ve seen a car with no hubcaps or a car that’s missing one hubcap but when is having only one hubcap acceptable.  Maybe it’s me but I know my car wouldn’t even drive right with only one hubcap. lol!  I bought my first car at 18 and it was a raggedy piece of junk but I would wash it every week.  Even when it broke down it was clean.  My younger brother, may he rest in peace, hooked up some extra speakers to my radio/tape deck player and we rode around with the music blasting to drown out the “raggedy car noise”.  I don’t care what I did or how slow I drove, I lost a hubcap every week.  So every month I went to Wal-Mart to buy a 4-pack of hubcaps, the kind that actually looked like rims.  I kept them in my trunk and when I lost one I had a spare. Are you beginning to see how weird I am about cars??  

So if you’re having trouble keeping your hubcaps on, trust me, I feel your pain because I’ve been there, but if you can’t afford to invest in a decent set of rims just go hubcapless. It looks better. I’m just saying.  


  1. RoCkApArTy
    September 6, 2010 at 4:51 PM

    Leave that man alone. It’s a recession! LOL

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