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Love is the Greatest Show on Earth

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the romance teaser
Works the room with his gift of gab – he’s the main attraction, a crowd pleaser
He buys meals, pays bills and dangles rewards over lips like an animal trainer
Abracadabra, the suited up pretty boy is also an expert puppet master – no brainer.

Come one come all – her poster advertisement boasts limber contortionist
Always ready, fatigue proof, like a 24 hour kissing booth
Performing mind-blowing moves, amazing tricks and acrobatic stunts
But you should have bought a back row seat – she’s already started the front.

There’s an elephant in the room, speechless, mime like – a withdrawn talker
Sweet maybe and religious too – but no longer an extremely toned tightrope walker
The cutie previously willing to spend a few dollars for your enjoyment
Is now juggling jobs, window peeping on stilts – he’s a stalker.

Around you go like a Ferris wheel – midnight madness revolving
Emotions rattling, gyrating, spinning – no hopes of ever evolving
Controls jammed – you’re stuck on stupid – hopeless, squeezed in and trapped tight
Dumbfounded – senseless, you’re still with the clown night after night.

She’s a fire spitter – comes home with the smell of gas on her lips so you don’t forget
Better grill a steak when she opens her mouth – it’s the only meal you’ll get
Her head scarf – was it used to clean up after the Gulf Coast oil spill
No magic shows or trapeze acts – just cold shoulders and Cinemax thrills.

Clear the area and bring down the Big Top – there’s nothing more to see
Pack up the bearded lady and the 6 foot vertical jumping flea
Until next time that’s all folks – I hope you got your money’s worth
If you missed this year’s circus – just fall in love – it is the greatest show on earth.

  1. hoodboi
    June 25, 2010 at 7:36 PM


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