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What Is In Your Lemonade?

I must admit that I am more of a dreamer than a doer. I probably have a new idea every hour of the day but putting action behind those ideas don’t come as freely or as frequently. Dreaming comes naturally but I really have to work at putting plans together and following through. Ideas sound brilliant in my head but as soon as I try to support my idea with a plan of action, fear and self-doubt creeps in and chokes the life out of my dream. The beautiful ideas then lie lifeless in my head and all I can do is dream about them or move on to the next one. What’s so amazing is that when I know my tendencies I can adjust and make changes. Lucky for me, over the years I’ve learned a few things about myself. One of those self-evaluative discoveries is that I don’t need constant praise but I do need regular, constant, unrelenting motivation. You self starters make me sick!! Because of my weakness, for a lack of better words, I migrate towards people who have the gift to inspire. Joann Tolbert-Yancy is a motivational speaker out of Dallas, TX that I absolutely love to hear. If I’m attending a conference and she is there as a presenter I sign up for whatever seminar she’s teaching. I don’t care if the seminar is about “10 ways to sweep the kitchen floor”. Her stories and the way she speaks inspire me so I’m there, sitting in the front row.

Ms. Yancy does one particular seminar that hits home with me called “What Dreams Are You Sitting On?” Basically, it’s a roadmap for pursuing and achieving your dreams. I don’t know if I sit on my dreams but I definitely sleep on them. My pillow case is full of them. If you’re anything like me unresolved issues, past experiences or hurtful smart ass comments from others all linger in your subconscious mind. Those things always pop up to throw lemons at me. If you have ever tried to do anything in your life you know that the pursuit of dreams, goals and aspirations is a bitter lemon filled road so you have to stay fully stocked with SUGAR. My sugar is pure confidence, faith, determination and the gifts God has given me. No sugar substitutes, no saccharine and no splenda. I’m a big believer in taking life’s lemons and making lemonade with them. If I can be blunt, we can make lemonade with our lemons all day long but without sugar the mixture is still just some bitter ass water and I don’t like lemon in my water.

Lemons, well I can’t do anything about them, they will come regardless of what I do but I have control over my sugar and that’s what I choose to work on. Soon I’ll stock my life’s sugar jar with forgiveness (sometimes you just have to let stuff go), courage, and strong counsel then hopefully I’ll finish writing my book and not worry about who’s going to buy it, read it, or like it. Maybe I’ll walk on the beach today and not wear a cover-up because it’s hot as heck in Florida. Without a doubt I will pay closer attention to my investments, my spending habits and developing multiple streams of income so I can be a millionaire long before I retire. Then I can stop buying Pick 3 tickets. And maybe I’ll learn to belly dance, salsa or tango just because it looks like fun even though the nearest dance studio is clear across town. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll stop making excuses and get some of these dreams into reality and out of my pillow. I’m longing for a cool glass of sweet lemonade. What about you?

Blog ya next time,

  1. hoodboi
    June 23, 2010 at 4:36 PM

    Just as the R&B artist Junior from the 80’s sang, “Momma Used to Say”…my mother always reminded me as a kid that “Weight (wait) broke the bridge”. And til this very day those words still ring inspiration. During the summer months, nothing quenches your thirst like lemonade. Its during the hottest time of the year, when this beverage is most appreciative, and if you work outside like I do, a bottle of Purity Lemonade is a must!

    The contents within your sugar jar are indeed neccessary to have that great tasting lemonade. Without those (pure confidence, faith, determination, God’s gifts), a person’s lemonade will taste..well just like some bitter ass water. And yes I’m longing for a cool glass of sweet lemonade myself, but I got one question…may I borrow a cup of sugar?

    • June 25, 2010 at 6:57 AM

      haha! Hoodboi, I keep plenty of sugar. Sometimes I have a taste for Kool-Aid and that has to be super sweet 🙂

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