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Somebody Has Robbed Me Blind!!

Somebody has robbed me blind
He knows who he is, had my butt out in the wind
Stole my independence like he knew what was best for me
My mind’s mirror must have been deceived
Because I’m 5’5”, 36-28-43.
I didn’t fit the image, a size 6 not a 12, was more his taste
I was flawed, or so I thought, more than a handful was a waste
I had to get my mind right after I learned that nut wouldn’t bust a grape.
Like red wine a size 12 is an acquired taste
It’s better left undisturbed in its original state
There’s no need to chill it or water it down
That’s something an avid body connoisseur could appreciate.
Love yourself as is; don’t let anybody rob you blind
Before they steal your spirit hit ‘em with walking papers and a fine.

Somebody has robbed me blind
A combination of people, places or things invaded my psyche
I was young, naive, broke and hungry for a financial quickie
Influences robbed me of my original plan and my own free thinking
Be careful what you ask for, it could drive you to drinking.
I poured my soul into my technical side
Let all creativity within me wither and die
And my chosen profession, I’m quick to mention
Has me bitchin’ and stressing
Cause it’s aggravating my hypertension
But I have to succeed at it because I have to eat
Even though this cubicle has got me trippin’
Somebody has ripped me off!
Right now it’s no holding back
I’m expressing me, if only with a few strings of words, creatively.

Somebody has robbed me blind
Me, myself and I is only to blame
I have to have it all right now because that’s the plan
Forget the bird in the bush I want two in my hand.
Several times by the buying bug I’ve been bit
TV, radio, and magazine ads lead to this
Credit cards, 401K advances and bank loans may be hard to resist
But like Wu Tang Clan, interest ain’t nothing to “f” wit’
Only cash to spend or save up until then, now I get it.
If all the millions in America were divided amongst Americans individually
We would all be millionaires, undoubtedly
So while paying DirecTV, Capital One and Allstate one day it hit me
Damn, somebody has my money!!
But I don’t worry, I’m gonna get it, that’s just the hustler in me.

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