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June Primaries – The Day After

Politics, or the process of making decisions, is basically like trying to take the last $150 in your pocket to pay $500 worth of bills at the end of the month, and also have a little something extra left over to spend on you and your family. Performing a juggling act and trying to make everybody happy, trying to keep everybody healthy and trying to prepare for every problem that might occur is not fun. I know I’m just a ChUC trying to figure out this thing called life but there’s no way to turn $150 into $500 unless you have a magic wallet that produces another $150 every time $150 is spent. In real life we have to decide which of our obligations are most important and then we decide what the $150 will be used for. Okay, I’m trying to set up an illustration so let’s not get into the argument that if we just planned to have the $500 every month we wouldn’t have this problem. Really, no shit?!?! The truth is that stuff happens. So once you have counted the $150 four times, searched the couch for loose change and checked to make sure your pocket lint wasn’t actually a crumpled up dollar bill, you decide to spend the money on your kid’s braces because donkey teeth just aren’t cute on a human. Then you try to convince Aunt Susie Mae (and you don’t even care that much for Aunt Susie Mae) to give you a few dollars so you can put gas in your car to get to work because you actually do have a job. In return you’ll mow her grass for a couple weeks because there is no way you’ll ever get the money to pay her back. When Aunt Susie’s loan is long gone you get the bright idea to apply for a pay day loan because your kid with the funky braces still has to eat. And of course you don’t want your nosey neighbors to know you’re having problems so it’s only natural to use some of the grocery money to buy a new outfit for July 4th. It’s not yuck mouth’s fault that you’re broke so the kid has to get a little something even if the short set does come from Wal-Mart. And whoever else doesn’t get paid that month just gets screwed and I don’t mean that in a good way. Politicians aren’t much different. They rob Peter to pay Paul and sometimes Mary and Sue. They give a little to get a little. So ignoring the radio ads, the negative snipes and wisecracks, the phony smiles and the cute or not so cute kids in photos, I checked the box for whoever supported the Alabama education lottery. Anybody else can kick rocks while counting the number of dropouts walking the streets, trying to figure out what to do with their lives. Maybe the lottery is right, maybe it’s wrong, maybe it’s neutral, maybe it’s immoral, or maybe it’s brilliant. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see in November.

Blog ya next time!
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